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Three weekends that can change your life

1. Lay Witness Weekend

Good news that makes a difference

A Lay Witness Weekend offers the first step along a journey of renewal for a church congregation. Each of the other Lay Witness Mission programmes build on this foundation. The central emphasis of the Lay Witness Weekend is on personal commitment to Jesus and His ministry. During the weekend, the lay witnesses share their faith in Jesus Christ, and how the good news of the Gospel makes a difference to daily living. A Lay Witness Weekend is for everyone interested in growing in their faith and in their understanding of the love of Jesus. The weekend is an invitation to all to come and discover how a real God changes real lives.

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2. Faith & Fellowship Weekend

Following Christ in the company of others

The Faith and Fellowship Weekend is a catalyst to deepening faith and fellowship in a congregation. The weekend is designed to unlock the huge potential present in every gathering of God’s people. It is a weekend that offers joy and renewal. It promotes the building-up of unity within a congregation through the small group experience. The focus is on our journey with Christ in the company of others, especially within the fellowship of the Church, and how that mutual support and encouragement is able to draw us closer to God and to each other.

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3. A Venture in Discipleship

Daily following Christ in Discipleship

A Venture in Discipleship invites people into a deeper experience of Jesus and explores the reality of following Him. The weekend enables people to discover and respond in specific ways to the tasks to which they have been called. It is a time to journey inward, and journey outward. A Venture in Discipleship brings the congregation a new commitment to minister to the surrounding community, and strengthens the bonds of love and service within the fellowship of the faith.

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A Lay Witness Mission has 3 essential components…

Preparation –several weeks before the mission, a local team attends to logistical, practical and spiritual issues. The Mission –the weekend is a blend of worship, testimonies and small group discussions. Follow Up –a deliberate effort to encourage spiritual growth and involvement in ministry.

  • The success of a Lay Witness weekend is built on the partnership that is created between the local church and the Lay Witness team. A church that longs for a deeper walk with God, and is willing to share enthusiastically in the preparation for the mission will make a perfect partner for the Lay Witness experience.
  • The mission begins on Friday evening with a congregational supper, followed by a time of worship and testimony, and small group discussions. Home groups are held on Saturday morning and afternoon. On Saturday evening another congregational supper is held, followed by worship, testimonies and small group sharing. The lay witness team takes part in the worship service on Sunday morning before returning home. The local congregation holds an evaluation and celebration service on Sunday evening.
  • The youth and children are an integral part of the weekend. They take part in special events, such as the Children’s mission, as well as taking part in general activities.
  • The Lay Witness weekend is the story of people exploring ways to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ in our society. It is the story of people’s joys, discoveries, hurts and longings. Lay Witness Mission has four different programmes. By using all 4 programmes over a 6 to 8 year period, the church will have a powerful resource for ongoing renewal and growth.

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