Before attending a Lay Witness mission, every individual needs to attend a once off training session (every 2 years). This session is designed to give an individual an explanation of how a weekend would generally run and the format of how one should give a testimony.

An example of a testimony, by Ina Kohler.

Healing took place
As a child I had a bad accident. My mom was a bookworm and was busy reading next to me, when I fell out of a train. I was two at the time and my lovely dolly slipped out of my hands when I was looking out of the window of our compartment. I leaned out to look and whoops there I went. The train was slowly gaining speed out of the station and my frantic aunt hailed it to stop. I retrieved my doll with a very swollen head.

In my childhood I can recall a few headaches and nosebleeds but I excelled at school, sports and I had many friends.
Only in later years when I had my first child was I in real trouble resulting in grand mal seizures. The specialists after brain scans put it down to scarring due to my fall.

I was fortunate many people prayed for me. The prayer network is tremendous and God does answer! Although I was on Epenuton for three years with sleepy results and mood swings I got through with Gods guidance. I had support from Brian my husband, fellowship and my special extended family. My quiet time was a real strength at that stage. Then the glorious miracle of healing. I weaned myself gradually off the medication and physically have not looked back.

My walk with the Lord had also been a gradual one as my mom had introduced me to Jesus when a tiny tot with evening bedside prayer. Now the special part – I started teaching again. An opportunity came when the principal of a school for special kids was on sabbatical leave. I was called as a relief teacher for a month and stayed for more than twenty years. I often look at the wonder of Gods timing as I learned all about my previous condition in my studies for Special teaching and my time at this special school. I was in a unique position to actually feel and identify with kids suffering from epilepsy and many other syndromes. We serve a great God who as the Psalmist says “knows our innermost being” PS  139

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